Come on in… the water’s fine.

Well, here I go… taking the leap into the blogosphere. I’ve accepted the challenge to enter the world of blogging. It is not nearly as frightening as I thought. I’ve stood on the end of the diving board long enough. I’ve waited, trying to come up with a good excuse not to jump. Finally, the time has come. Here I goooooooo…  Wow! That wasn’t so bad. Come on in… the water’s fine.



3 thoughts on “Come on in… the water’s fine.

  1. Wow….drag me into this century! I have no idea what TypeKey or TypePad is. But I love the family pictures. Can’t believe how your family has grown. Time flies. This world…and soon the next. 🙂 I have got to get my site updated. Hopefully I’ll take the time to do it soon! Thanks for sharing. Tell Joanna “hi”.

  2. Patti, I’m hoping to keep a running journal of family and church activities on this site along with an occasional challenging thought. It is always good to hear from you.

  3. Nice site! A very good way to send pictures. I need to get one of these sites to send pictures. Can you copy pictures off this site? If that’s not a good looking family I don’t know what one looks like! Give Joanna & Caleb a hug for me but give the girls a “yug” for me. We are praying for ya’ll.
    Love Dad

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