Moving my blog…

uhaul.jpgMoving is a tough job. Joanna and I have moved several times. Before we were married, we moved everything into my Grandmother’s basement (move #1). We then were married and moved everything into our little one bedroom apartment in Greenville, SC (move #2). The next year we moved everything back to my Grandmother’s basement while we were looking for a place (move #3). We then moved into our farm house in Clemson, SC (move #4) where we stayed for almost a year before we moved everything back into my Grandmother’s basement (move #5). We were married for less than two years and had moved five times. We then moved to Rock Hill, SC, to a basement apartment in my Mom’s first cousin’s house (move #6). After three years in that apartment, we finally owned our own house (move #7). We were in the house for just a little over a year before God led us away from Rock Hill. We moved everything back into my Grandmother’s basement (move #8). After about five months, the Lord led us to Muncie, Indiana, where we moved into an apartment with Dr. and Mrs. Dersch (move #9). After a few months the church provided for us a house on church property (move #10). We were in Muncie for four years before the Lord led us here to Wilson (move #11). Moving is tough.

Well, here we go again. This time I’m only moving my blog from typepad to wordpress. I subcsribed to typepad to get my feet wet in the blogosphere. The subscription comes with a price tag. I have since opened up a free account at wordpress. I’ll keep the blog up on typepad for another week or so, before I cancel. My new weblog can be found here Come on over and visit us in our new home.


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