The candles wouldn’t blow out

abby.jpgWe celebrated Abigail’s ninth birthday on Sunday night, the night before her actual birthday. Joanna fixed a delicious Oreo cake (it was out of a box, but it was delicious). Abby was really excited. She had already gotten a scooter from Grandpa and Grandma Jeffers and Mimi and Bopbop gave her Heely’s (skate shoes), then she got to open a bunch of presents (mostly clothes) from our family. When Joanna brought the cake in with nine candles glowing, we all sang Happy Birthday. Abby started huffing and puffing and couldn’t get the candles to go out. Hannah even went over and helped. They were blowing and spitting all over the cake. It was quite humorous. Finally, Joanna had to pull out the candles and drop them in a cup of water. She almost caught the paper cup on fire. It was all in good fun and we all had a good laugh. Abby is now nine years old and fairly set on what she wants to be when she grows up. She told me a few months ago that she wants to be an evangelist. Maybe she ought to listen to my sermon from a couple of weeks ago. What she means is that she wants to travel with an evangelistic team like the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Association. She wants to sing and play her flute or the piano. She wants to teach the children. That would be wonderful if she has an opportunity to lead little boys and girls to Christ some day. She is already inviting her neighbors and friends to our VBS this week.


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