More from Hannah on Prayer

Yesterday was another eventful day for our family. I began the day with our Men’s Prayer Breakfast. We had a great time of fellowship and an encouraging challenge from the Word of God by James Joyner, Sr. followed by a sweet time of prayer. I then had a meeting with our finance team to set our budget for the upcoming church calendar year. Following the meeting I got a phone call from Joanna wishing me a Happy Anniversary. Whoops!!! With everything going on, I had forgotten it was our anniversary. She had too. I remembered when I had set our church calendar that the finance meeting was the same day as our anniversary, but in busyness of the moment I forgot. Thankfully, she forgave me. We were too busy yesterday to do anything really special together. Caleb had a soccer tournament in Goldsboro that we planned on attending, but were not able to because of other pressing ministry concerns. Enough on the busyness of the day.

Last evening, shortly before supper, we received a phone call from our neighbor saying Hannah had fallen on the Slip-n-Slide and had dislocated her thumb. So Joanna and I went over to the neighbors house and sure enough, Hannah was crying and her thumb and palm were swollen. She was scared, because she didn’t want to go to the hospital. Joanna had to go get Caleb so I took Hannah to the emergency room. The whole way over she was afraid that they would have to give her a shot and pop it back into place. I told her that Mom and her brother and sisters were praying for her and then I prayed for her. When we walked in the emergency room, she looked scared, but she stopped crying. I told her that if she was scared it was o.k. to cry. I thought that might speed up the service. We didn’t have to wait too long though. After about fifteen minutes or so, we were registering and after about half an hour the nurse came by to take her x-ray. Hannah was very brave. She said the x-ray was actually a little bit fun. She talked to the nurses like a little lady. She asked them what she should expect and if she was going to get a shot or were they going to have to pop it. When the doctor finally came in, she said that Hannah’s thumb had popped back in on its own and that it was just badly sprained. Hannah sighed with relief – no shot, no popping it back into place. When the doctor left to get things ready for us to leave, Hannah and I bowed our heads in prayer and she thanked God that she didn’t have to get a shot or that they didn’t have to pop it back into place. The first thing she said when she arrived back at home was to her mom. “Mom, it was a good thing that you and the kids prayed. God popped it back into place. I didn’t have to get a shot.”

Praise God again for answered prayer!


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