Doctor, doctor…

Well, I’m getting very familiar with the doctor’s offices around Wilson. Listed below are some of our recent experiences.

  • We had to take Caleb to the doctor yesterday. He had been complaining about a sore throat for the past week. Yesterday morning, Joanna looked at his throat and it was still red, but this time she saw some white patches. He hasn’t had any fever, but we decided we should take him to the doctor. We didn’t want to take a chance with strep. I picked Caleb up at school at 2:30 p.m. for his 2:45 p.m. appointment. We finally left the doctor’s office at 4:30 p.m. We were both miserable waiting.
  • We were at the doctor last week with Abigail, who has been having a difficult time breathing. She may have a slight case of asthma. The doctor gave us a prescription for her.
  • A few weeks ago, we were at the doctor for Caleb’s foot. She sent him to the orthopedist. The diagnosis was sesamoiditis, which is very painful. He has been taking Aleve and icing his foot.
  • A week or so before that we were at the emergency room with Hannah for a dislocated thumb. She fell on our neighbor’s slip-n-slide.
  • We were at the emergency room and then the orthopedist several times this past summer with Caleb after he broke his wrist at camp.

So I’m getting very familiar with doctor’s offices and how things are done. I came across a humorous explanation for what they say and what they really mean. I hope this will at least give you a good laugh today.

What They Say and What They Mean

  • What they say: “It could be one of several things.”
    What they mean: “I haven’t the foggiest idea what’s wrong with you.”
  • What they say: “Are you sure you haven’t had this before?”
    What they mean: “Because you’ve got it again.”
  • What they say: “I’d like to run that test again.”
    What they mean: “The lab lost your blood sample.”
  • What they say: “Insurance should cover most of this.”
    What they mean: “You’ll have to sell your house to cover the rest.”
  • What they say: “These pills have very few side effects.”
    What they mean: “You may experience sudden hair growth on your palms.”
  • What they say: “Why don’t you go over your symptoms with me one more time.”
    What they mean: “I don’t remember who you are.”
  • What they say: “There’s a lot of this going around.”
    What they mean: “And we’ll give it a name as soon as we figure out what it is.”

David Grimes in Sarasota Herald-Tribune,
quoted in Reader’s Digest, May, 1994, p. 112


2 thoughts on “Doctor, doctor…

  1. Abby is home today (Wednesday) along with Caleb. Hannah is complaining of a sore throat, but when I asked her if she would tell Jesus that she was sick, she said no. So she went to school today. She seemed fine when she was getting ready. Bethany is playing the piano in chapel this morning.

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