Primetimers to NC State Fair

statefair.jpgLast Tuesday, I took our Primetimer group from Tabernacle Baptist Church to the NC State Fair. My daughters Abigail (9) and Hannah (6) were privileged to skip school for the day to go with Dad to the fair. Caleb and Bethany had tests so I didn’t want them to miss school. Bethany had gone to the fair on Saturday with several friends from her class to celebrate one of the girl’s birtdays. We had a great time. The weather was miserable (cloudy and rainy), but that meant that the crowds were down. The fair this year attracted a total 785,956 people. We talked with a group of Gideons who were handing out Bibles. We also took the quiz to see if we are going to heaven that was given by an area Baptist church. C.E.F. also had a trailer set up at the fair. With that many people attending it seems to me that there are some incredible evangelism opportunities. I’ve heard of Amazing Grace Missions which has seen a lot of people trust Christ through their fair evangelism.

Before we left on Tuesday morning, I turned to Bethany and said, “You know what I like about the fair? The smells.” She looked at me with a quizical face. She was imagining the smells of the horse barn. I was talking about the smells of the food on the midway, which makes me hungry even to think about it. I guess there is a sermon on perspective in that little conversation. Maybe there is even a sermon on miscommunication when one person means one thing and another takes it totally the opposite.


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