Media Bias

Watching the election returns last night and early this morning made me even more aware of the role the media plays in shaping public opinion. When it comes to politics, I don’t think that any American party has a monopoly on morality. Certainly we can criticize both parties. I encourage all Christians to not vote for the (R) or the (D) when they step into the voting booth. I encourage each person to vote for the person that is going to reflect closest to the issues of righteousness and morality. Sometimes (read many times) the choice is simply the “lesser of two evils.” I’m sorry if I sound cynical. I am amazed though at the continual liberal leaning of our major media outlets. Without comment I want to simply post a few examples collected by the Media Research Center. 

Wednesday’s CyberAlert:
Democrats Take House and Senate? Matthews: ‘That’ll Be Fantastic’
MSNBC’s Scarborough: ‘I Bash My Party More Than The Democrats’
CNN’s Schneider Bedeviled By How Most Vets Backed Allen Over Webb
Newsweek Editor: Voter Message in Ousting ‘Firebrand’ Santorum
On CNN Begala Smears Rush Limbaugh as a ‘Drug-Addled Gasbag’
Cafferty Slams Iraq as a War for Oil; Wonders if Bush Really Won
Missouri: NBC Repeatedly Leaves Embryo Out of ‘Stem Cell’ Story
NBC Morning Reporters Highlight GOP Racism, As Alleged ‘By Many’
Matthews: Racist Voters Like Black Candidates ‘Almost Castrated’
ABC’s Nightline Gushes: Obama, An ‘American Political Phenomenon’
FNC Shows NewsBusters: ‘Leading Mainstream Media Critic Blog’


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