That’s Why Jesus Came

snowbird.jpgOne evening Jennifer was inside the house waiting for her parents to come home. Because of a bad snowstorm they were taking longer than expected.

Jennifer stood at the living room window, looking for them when “Thump!” something hit the glass.

This really surprised and even scared Jennifer.

You know what it was? It was a bird that had hit the window. Jennifer could barely see it, lying in the snow, not moving. “The poor bird!” Jennifer thought. “I’d better go out and get it. Maybe it broke its wing or something.” As she was putting on her coat and boots, she heard two more “Thumps!”

She jumped up and ran to the window. Two more birds were lying in the snow. So she hurried outside and when she got there, there were even more thumps — more birds were banging into the glass.

Why did they do that? Jennifer looked up and saw the cold snow blowing around her and the bright warm light in the window. Of course! The birds saw the bright warm light and wanted to come to it and get warm. But they couldn’t see the glass in the window.

What should she do? They were still banging into the glass. She ran back and forth across the front lawn, waving her arms, and calling, “No, no! Go away!”

Then she had an idea: she ran into the house and turned off the living room lights. There! They quit banging into the glass. But now what did she hear! Bangs into the kitchen glass! Why, the birds were trying everywhere there was a warm light! So Jennifer ran all through the house, turning off the lights in each room.

Then she ran outside to see if the birds were all right now. They were wheeling and flying around, all confused, not knowing where to go. And the snow and cold were getting worse.

Then she had another idea: she would turn on a light in the barn and open the door so the birds could fly in and be warm.  And that’s what she did. A few birds saw the light and flew in right away. Most of the birds, however, couldn’t see the barn’s light because it was behind the house, so they kept flying around. And, some of the birds were still banging into the window because they remembered it had looked warm.

Jennifer was so frustrated she stamped her feet and thought, “I wish I could become a bird and speak their language. I’d tell them where the light and warm place is.”

And then a thought came to Jennifer: that’s why Jesus came. God became one of us, Jesus was born on Christmas Day, to speak our language and to tell us where the light and warmth and safety are.

The storm blew over. Jennifer had helped many of the birds. The one thing she never forgot, though, was how she stood in the snow and suddenly understood why Jesus came to us.



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