Meaningful Christmas Tradition

card.jpgSeveral years ago I heard my good friend Rand Hummel relay a tradition that his family practices every Christmas. Since then, each Christmas Joanna and I have tried to incorporate the same tradition into our Christmas celebration.

Yesterday morning (Christmas day), we enjoyed the time with our family opening our Christmas presents. Before the children were allowed to play with their new toys I said, “Now, let’s wait just a minute. We all got some good gifts this year, didn’t we?” “Yes sir,” they all replied. I asked, “But what is the best Christmas gift?” Hannah, our seven-year-old daughter replied, “Jesus.” I asked her why. She said, “Because He came to die for our sins.” Joanna then pulled out a stack of Christmas cards from church members, family, and friends from all around the world. That is what Rand said that he and his family did each Christmas. They would read the cards and pray for their friends. Before our children put their gifts away or played with any of them we took time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and to remember our friends who thought of us this Christmas.


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