Bible Reading Plans

readbible.jpgWith New Year’s Day quickly approaching, many of us are contemplating our New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully, each of us is considering the importance of reading the Bible daily in 2007. Below are some links to websites that will assist you in your bible reading efforts this year.

Back to the Bible – Offers five unique guides that you can follow as you read through the Bible.

  • Chronological – Read the events of the Bible as they occurred chronologically. For example, the Book of Job is integrated with Genesis because Job lived before Abraham.
  • Historical – Read the books of the Bible as they occurred in the Hebrew and Greek traditions (the order in which they were written). For example, the Old Testament books in the Hebrew bible do not occur in the same order as they do in our English Bible. The New Testament books are arranged according to their dat of writing as well.
  • Old and New Testament Together – Read the Old Testament and New Testament together. Your knowledge of the Old Testament will be enhanced by what you read simultaneously in the New Testament.
  • Beginning to End – With this guide there are no surprises. You simply read through the Bible from start to finish, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Blended– If you prefer not to read straight through the Bible but want to add variety to your Scripture reading. For example, while you are reading the Old Testament book of Isaiah, you are also reading the New Testament book of Mark to heighten the variety of your Bible reading.

Bible Plans – Offers thirteen Bible reading plans. View each plan on the web and/or be reminded by receiving it each day by email. Each plan is available in several languages and translations. There are no charges or strings attached. You will not be sent any advertisements or have your name added to other lists if you subscribe. You can un-subscribe from any plan any time with one click.

Heartlight has brought together several Bible reading plans to choose from. Find one that suits your tastes, and dig in!

Studylight offers five online reading plans where you choose your plan and Bible version. You can also track your progress online. Each day’s reading also has a link for audio where you can hear that day’s passage read.

Be sure to check out the resources page at our church website.


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