Cancer Cannot

As I post today I am reminded of how many people in our church have been diagnosed with cancer. Since coming to Tabernacle Baptist Church six and a half years ago I have participated in about thirty funerals. Most of those people died from cancer. As I think about 2007, I cannot help but think that someone else in our church or family will be diagnosed with cancer. For those who have lost a loved one to cancer and for those who are battling cancer now or maybe in the future I make two posts today that hopefully will encourage us to realize that God is always in control. The poem below is one that every cancer patient should read on a daily basis. It really does put things in a right perspective.

Cancer Cannot
Hebrews 9:27

Cancer cannot — Cripple love! Corrode faith! Eat away peace! Kill friendship! Silence courage! Invade the soul! Quench the spirit! Destroy confidence! Reduce eternal life! Erase the promises of God! Obliterate happy memories! Shatter the hope of Heaven! Lessen the power of the resurrection! Keep the faithfully obedient from Heaven!
Cancer can only affect the physical body for a time. It may hasten death, but it is appointed unto man, once to die, anyway (Heb. 9:27). Therefore, if one is prepared through faith in Christ, and obedience to Christ’s commands, we need not fear death! (John 12:48).


A man in Iowa discovered that he had terminal cancer. For weeks he moped around the house avoiding loved ones, inwardly cursing God and wondering why this tragedy had happened to him. Then one day he made a decision: “I am not dead yet, and I am going to live each day to its fullest the rest of my life.” Sometime later, when he was interviewed, he said he had experienced a more abundant life in the weeks after that decision than during his prior 42 years–colors seemed more vivid, the laughter of his children more bright and precious. One suggestion he gave to help others with terminal illness was, “Consider each day as a gift from God; enjoy it fully.”


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