I Saw a Sermon

The following account is told by Rudi Risher: “It happened in Munich, Germany. I got out of my warm bed, looked through the window covered with ‘ice ferns’ at the new deep snow. I debated whether I should go to the worship service or stay at home and read the Bible. I would have to walk half a block in the cold to catch the bus. Finally I decided to go, but only because I had to lead the singing. “While I was riding the bus, I looked through the window and recognized two people trying hard to make their path through the deep snow. Mr. Trollman was a man in his eighties, who had lost his eyesight. His only guidance was his 78 year old wife, who was lame in one foot. Because they could not afford to ride the bus, they walked three miles every Sunday to church. They were driven by their love for the Lord. “I was not able to do anything but blush, ashamed of myself. I thought of the duty which had motivated me–of the weak faith and love I had shown. Without their knowledge and without a word, this old couple had taught me that love for God is the true motive for attending worship services.”


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