What About Habitual Sin?

The Lord gave us a good day this past Sunday. I preached a message to the believer on our struggle with sin. God in His providence took His Word and did His work in the heart of three unbelievers who were saved this Sunday. Praise the Lord!

What about habitual sin? You know it to be true in your own life, that there are certain sins that easily capture and entangle you. That word beset literally means entangle or surround. Now, there are some sins that aren’t our besetting sins, they don’t easily entangle us. But there are others if we are honest with ourselves, there are sins that we find ourselves committing. We then confess them to God only to find ourselves before God again. “Lord, I did it again.” They might be called habitual sins. We looked at a very practical message and asked ourselves two simple questions.

temptation.jpg1) Why do we struggle with habitual sin?

a. Because sin is attractive
b. Because sin is agile
c. Because sin is available

2) How do we defeat habitual sin?

a. Realization
b. Repentance
c. Resolve
d. Resistance
e. Reliance

You can listen to this sermon by clicking here: What About Habitual Sins?
This and other sermons are found on our sermons page.


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