It’s Cold Outside…. Brrrrr!!!

Yesterday (Friday, Feb. 3), Joanna and I flew out of Raleigh Durham to Indianapolis where we met Doug Frick, our good friend who is music pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Muncie, Indiana. After a delicious chinese lunch we made our way to Muncie. When we got out of the van we were slapped in the face with COLD temperatures. As I type this the weather channel is saying that the temperature is actually 17 degrees, but that it feels like 1 degree. The low last night was actually one degree. Joanna grew up in Indiana and she is complaining, I mean constantly complaining about the cold. The high tomorrow, (yes, the high), is supposed to be 6 degrees. The wind chill will be around -20 degrees.

 While it is cold outside, it is warm inside. We are in Muncie to celebrate Pastor Glenn’s 40th Anniversary as pastor of Grace Baptist Church. Our souls have been warmed by the reaquaintance with special friends. We even got to enjoy Pizza King pizza last night. Tonight, there will be a banquet to honor pastor Glenn. Tomorrow during the Sunday School hour there will be a parade of Christian workers. Pastor Glenn has had many protoges in the ministry through the years. Dr. Bob Jones III and Dr. Ed Nelson are preaching tomorrow. We will have lunch at the church and an afternoon service.

Joanna and I will be flying back on Monday. She hates flying. Our children are still in Wilson so we are praying for them. Pastor Mike will be preaching tomorrow for both services. Maybe we ought to pray for him also. 🙂


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