A True Valentine

I remember the first time that I received a Valentine from a girl; and for all you girls, I know that you will remember that first valentine from a boy! I quickly tore the valentine open and there she was, Lucy from “Peanuts,” telling me that I was to be her Valentine. I couldn’t even tell you who gave it to me, but my spirits were flying high. Every year that I received a card from someone, I felt special. You know, I own one of the biggest Valentine cards ever made. It is the heaviest, and it has words in it that make me feel special every day. It is the Bible.

When I read the Bible, I have warm, fuzzy feelings because of what God has done and continues to do for me in my life. If you like receiving Valentine cards, then you will without a doubt love the Bible. The Bible conveys a true message of love: The story of His love for you. Will you choose to read it or use it as a decoration? You will be blessed with what God has to say about your life.

By Robb Williamson Bulletin Digest


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