The Battle is the Lord’s

giant.jpgOn Sunday, we began a new sermon series entitled, “Great Bible Stories,” where we will be examining the Sunday School classics. In my twenty years of preaching I have never preached a message on David and Goliath or Daniel in the Lion’s Den. As I read those narratives again, I was impressed by the deeper truths that are contained in these classic stories.

This past Sunday I preached on “The Battle is the Lord’s.” I reminded our people that we all will face giants in our lives and that we need to remember the true purpose behind the battles. I began with a couple of illustrations from sports films. I made mention of Hoosiers and Facing the Giants. Both films claim to be stories of David vs. Goliath. The problem is that the metaphor doesn’t really apply to these stories. I guess Facing the Giants comes a lot closer to the Bible story. David and Goliath is not a story about little people being able to do extraordinary things if they only try. It isn’t that strong people can be defeated by weaker people who put their mind to it or give their all. No, the point is this: that all the earth may know that there is a God in Isreal. David isn’t the chief character in this story, God is. That’s why David asked, “Is there not a cause.” Remember “the battle is the Lord’s.” Listen to this sermon by following this link: Conquering Your Giants.

You may hear other sermons from Tabernacle Baptist Church on our Sermons Page.


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