NCCSA Pastors and Adminstrators Conference

Wow! What a great night last night! I had the privilege of joining several pastors and school administrators from the North Carolina Christian School Association last night for a meeting at the Clarion Hotel in Raleigh. It was great to see so many colleagues in ministry. There was a sweet spirit in the meeting as we focused on our commitment to Christian Education. Speakers for the evening included David Gibbs and Tim Goeglein.

gibbs.jpgDavid C. Gibbs, Jr. is the Founder and President of Christian Law Association, a nationwide legal ministry of helps dedicated to defending Christian liberty in America. His law firm represents over 10,000 ministries nationwide. His ministry is most unique in that he is a “legal missionary” and travels the country giving free legal defense and counsel while also preaching the Bible.

Brother Gibbs spoke on 2 Peter 1:1-4 on the subject of “Divine Power.” He spoke of the fact that many ministries have great management, but no power. He talked about how we lost our power… through our (1) hurts, (2) failures, (3) fears, and (4) prosperity. He talked about how God wants to mold us by (1) how we love, (2) how we serve, (3) how we forgive, (4) how we give, and (5) how we stand. This should be our personal pursuit, but it should also be our end product in Christian education. It was powerfully convicting message.

goeglein.jpgTim Goeglein, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison, has worked in the public arena for nearly 15 years. For a decade, he was first the Deputy Press Secretary and then Communications Director for U.S. Senator Dan Coats of Indiana. An Indiana native, he began his career at WKJG-NBC in Fort Wayne, producing their evening newscasts. During the Bush-Cheney campaign, Goeglein served as the Coalitions Media Director. He graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington with honors from the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism.

Mr. Goeglein spoke to the crisis of character in our country. You could tell he was a speech writer. I kept wondering where he hid the teleprompter. I don’t think he looked down at any notes for his entire speech. It was encouraging to hear of his love for Christ and his loyalty to the family.

This morning we had breakfast with our state legislators. I sat with our Senator A.B. Swindell, who represents District 11, Wilson and Nash Counties . The pastors and administrators then gathered at 9:00 a.m. for prayer. At 10:00 a.m. people started gathering on the Halifax Mall next to the State Legislature Building. At 11:00 a.m. the Return America Rally began. Over 10,000 people gathered on the mall to let our voices be heard by our lawmakers. We are hoping that we will have an opportunity to vote on a Defense of Marriage Ammendment to the NC Constitution (Senate Bill 13 & House Bill 493). If you live in the state of NC then you can go here to find out who represents you. Please contact your elected officials and urge them to let the people vote. Specifically email Senator Marc Basnight, President Pro Tem.

Be sure to check out our local coverage of the rally.


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