We’re at Camp

lg53.jpgOur Primetimers left earlier this morning and traveled to the Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, North Carolina. We stopped for lunch at the K&W in Statesville and then we stopped for about 45 minutes at Gullion’s Christian Bookstore. They have a huge selection of used books. They also feature conservative Christian music and home school supplies. I didn’t buy anything, but several walked out with sacks full of books. We traveled through a little bit of rain the last hour, but it stopped when we arrived at camp.

We have eleven of us here. Most of our group have never been to the Wilds. The Wilds is a dear place to me. It was here that I felt God’s call into the ministry. It was here that I met my wife Joanna. Some of the dearest people to me work on staff here. In the short time we have been here, our group has already experienced the servant’s heart of the staff. Dr. Hay, the camp founder even helped a couple of our ladies with their luggage. The spirit of excellence is seen all over this place. The Wilds truly is a mountain top experience. Dr. Ollila preached tonight on “Laboring to Be Accepted by God.” I have posted a link to that message in the previous post. He related that passage to our group of senior citizens. The message was an incredible challenge to make our lives count for God.


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