Wilds Update

We had a great day yesterday (Wednesday) with our Primetimers (Senior Citizens) at the Wilds. We began the day with another excellent challenge from Dr. Les Ollila. We actually had two sessions yesterday morning with “Dr. O” as he is affectionately called across the country. My dad and mom drove up from Clemson, SC, (only about an hour away) to be with us for the afternoon. We had a tremendous lunch with BLT’s and then had the afternoon to goof off. Some of our folks took naps. Some took advantage of the sales in the bookstore. Some walked around the campsite. I believe Paul Lewis was the only one who went on the hike. He didn’t make it all the way to the waterfalls, but he made it to the overlook. Dad and I tried to catch some fish in the pond. The water is too cold and the metabolism of the fish must be really sluggish. The only thing we caught were a couple of salamanders. In the late afternoon, we all gathered down on the ball field for a demonstration of a sheep dog. Wow, what an example of obedience as he herded the sheep and ducks. We then had another delicious meal which fed our bodies and then Dr. Ollila fed our souls with another tremendous message. We ended the night with the Wilds patented “Fun Time.” We had a great time laughing at the hilarious skits.

Today we began with a message by Dr. Ollila, followed by brunch. Part of the group then headed to the Biltmore House in Asheville and then the other group headed to Waynesville, a quaint little mountain town with lots of shops and galleries. We enjoyed a scenic ride to each of these places. (I hope to post some pictures in a couple of days.) At supper, the men on staff put on their bow ties and fancy outfits and served us another delicious meal. The dining hall was candle lit and soft music was playing in the background. They really tried to make our last supper here special. Tonight, we were blessed again with another tremendous message from Dr. Ollila.

We’ll be traveling back tomorrow (Friday), so if you are reading this say a little prayer for us.


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