Back Home Again

Our Primetimers are back home again. We had a tremendous time at the Wilds Christian Camp. We were well fed physically and well fed spiritually. On the way home, our senior citizens were begging to go to the Wilds again next year for their Senior Citizen Retreat. We began the day on Friday with another delicious breakfast. We then set out on our journey home. We stopped at the Hane’s Mall  in Winston Salem for lunch. We then took our time traveling back to Wilson. We arrived in the late afternoon. It was great to see my family again. My prayer is that each of us that attended the retreat will contine in the things that we learned.

Today, (Saturday) I have tried to catch up on a little bit of rest. I enjoyed the morning just goofing off with my seven year old daughter Hannah. We laid in my bed and watched “I Love Lucy.” This afternoon, I watched Barton College from Wilson, NC win the NCAA Division II Championship. They scored ten points in the last thirty-nine seconds to win the game at the buzzer. Following that game I helped Abigail, our nine year old daughter, work on a painting for the NCCSA Fine Arts Comptetition. Tonight, I’m getting things ready for tomorrow morning. Sunday is the last day of our March Madness Sunday School Campaign. I’m preaching on Noah’s Ark as a picture of salvation.


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