tax.jpgThere is no word that generates more opinions than “taxes.” And nothing is more certain, at least in Ben Franklin’s point of view, than “taxes” and that other mortal word. In 1773, Bostonians made a big batch of “sea tea.” It was a protest against the tea tax that had been levied against the colonies to pay for Britain’s Seven Year’s War. The protesters emptied 342 chests of tea, worth $16,500 into Boston Harbor (no word as to whether sugar and lemon were added). This act was very significant in the process of declaring the Colonies’ independence from the overbearing motherland. Today, there are those who refuse to pay taxes. Some actually believe their motivation is noble, while others deny Uncle Sam his due purely out of greed. Our Creator left us these inspired words: “For this cause pay ye tribute (taxes) also: for they (government) are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.” (Rom. 13:6). The fear of being caught is one reason to pay taxes. However, the highest motivation is that it is very important to God. Remember: IRS returns are less “taxing” when motivated out of a love for God.



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