Men’s Retreat

mensretreat.jpgWe had a great time on Friday night and Saturday morning at the Men’s Retreat held at the Living Water Christian Camp in Candor, North Carolina. God has blessed the Tabernacle Baptist Church of Candor with a godly pastor. Brother Mike Free, a good friend who I have known for about 21 years now is doing a great work at the church. The ministry is located in the middle of the woods. You have to want to go there to find the church. The church though is growing and people apparently want to go. They have beautiful property on which they also have the Living Water Christian Camp.

Our men left Wilson on Friday at about 2:00 p.m.  We arrived in Candor about 2 1/2 hours later. After getting settled into our cabin we went to the gym to goof off a little before supper. (By the way, the cabins were incredible. They were new and clean. Each one had five very solid bunk beds and one twin bed. There was also a bathroom in the cabin with two stalls and two showers). While in the gym some of the men played ping pong, others played pool or shot some baskets. We enjoyed a delicious meal and then went to our first service. Brother Matt Herbster, program director at the Wilds Christian Camp, was our special speaker. I especially enjoyed the singing. There is nothing like hearing a group of men singing from their hearts. Following the evening service the ladies of the church provided a snack for us. We then had free time. Caleb and I played basketball until about 12:30 a.m. We were able to sneak into our cabin and not wake most of the men. I know that because they were snoring. I did take ear plugs and a sound machine.

On Saturday morning we awoke, packed up and then headed back to the gym. We enjoyed another tremendous meal and then listened to another outstanding message by Brother Matt Herbster. His message on moral purity is a message that should be heard by every Christian man. We had a little more free time following the message. Several of the men played horse shoes. Some went fishing or paddle boating at the lake. A few enjoyed the zip line.  We then had one more message from Brother Matt. The ladies again provided a delicious lunch and then we left for home. We packed a lot into a little bit of time, but came away rejoicing and refreshed. We hope to see more men get excited about these types of outings.


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