Can God Really Keep Me Saved?

This morning we returned to our series entitled “Can God.” This morning we asked the question, “Can God really keep me saved?”

lucylinus.jpgIn a comic strip printed a few years back Lucy and Linus are staring out the window. The rain is pouring down. Lucy says, “My, look at it rain… What if it floods the whole world?” Linus answers: “It will never do that. In the ninth chapter of Genesis, God promised Noah that would never happen again, and the sign of the promise is the rainbow.” Lucy is looking directly at him as he is speaking. She turns back toward the window, smiles big, and announces: “You’ve taken a great load off of my mind.” To which Linus responds, “Sound theology has a way of doing that.”

Sound theology is what we need to hear. We examined Romans 8, a tremendous chapter which begins with no condemnation and ends with no separation. I only got through point one of the message in the morning so I had to continue it in the evening service. Follow the links below to listen to these sermons or visit our sermon page.


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