New Update on Pastor Layne Daniel

Mike Knight sent this out in his last missionary letter.


My Brother-In-Law Pastor Layne Daniel

As most of you know, last month my brother-in-law, Pastor Layne Daniel, had brain surgery to remove a grade 4 (aggressive, fast growing) brain tumor. Since his surgery Layne has undergone 5 weeks of intense rediation and chemotherapy treatments. His treatments have gone fairly well so far although every week he gets a little weaker. Since his surgery God has given Layne strength to preach three times. After several more weeks of treatment the doctor will do another MRI to see if the tumor is growing back. From a human standpoint the return rate is 100%. From a Biblical perspective, we know God has power to heal. Please pray that God would miraculously heal Layne. The energetic, passionate, prayers of godly people can accomplish much (James 5:16-18)! Please put Layne, Sharon, Jason, and Krista on your daily prayer list. If you would like to keep tract of Layne’s progress you can go to and read Layne’s latest post.


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