Thoughts on Mother

Here we are again in the month of May. They say, “April showers bring May flowers,” and that does indeed appear to be the case. But, we also know that May brings Mother’s Day.

It is hard to believe that seven years ago Joanna and I boarded a plane from Indianapolis, Indiana, headed for Raleigh. We then traveled to Wilson, North Carolina, where we met the fine people of Tabernacle Baptist Church for the first time. Our first Sunday ever at TBC was on Mother’s Day. Naturally, I preached on the subject of mothers.

Motherhood today is an extremely difficult task. Yes, there are more electronic gadgets nd modern day appliances than ever before. Each is designed with the aim of making all of those household chores just a little bit easier. Many of you can remember a day when there were no microwaves or ice makers. A dishwasher? They all had flesh and bones. In spite of all of the modern conveniences moms today are busier than any other period in recorded history.

mom1.jpgExpectations today for women are also different. She is supposed to not only cook the bacon, but she is supposed to also help bring it home. Many moms work forty plus hours a week, and on top of that they are still supposed to be the main housekeeper. She is the main person responsible for cooking the meals for the family. She is the main person responsible for keeping the house clean. She is the main person responsible for taking care of the laundry. She is the main person responsible for the care of the husband and children. From the rising of the sun until the sun goes down, she is expected to be some kind of a “Supermom.”

Mom is supposed to have everything, right? She should have an excellent education, a wonderful career, and still be the best mom in the world. That is a tough job description for anyone. It doesn’t matter if she has a PDA, or a Daytimer, there are still only twenty-four hours in every day.

The natural tendency would be to cut corners. Many times women (as well as men) leave
God out of the equation. We justify this attitude because there just isn’t enough time.

If we only focus on the material though at the exclusion of the spiritual we will miss the ultimate peace and fulfillment that we are all striving to find. Who suffers the most? The mom does.

Moms, let me encourage you to get over the Supermom syndrome and strive to be the best Christian you can be. The natural result in your home will be Dad and the children
will see the best mom you can be.


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