Does She Look 41?

joanna.jpgI don’t think so. Actually, Joanna is holding up pretty well for an “old lady.” I won’t be 40 until this summer, so I’ll give her a hard time for the next couple of months. Actually, I’m very grateful for my wonderful wife. I often say she is my most valuable asset in the ministry. She is a fantastic mother, a great teacher, a wonderful pastor’s wife, and my sweetheart. In August we will have been married 18 years. I thank God every day that I married my best friend. Happy Birthday, “old lady!”


4 thoughts on “Does She Look 41?

  1. “Old Lady” is a term of endearment. I know that July will be all gloom and doom for me. You have to understand, last year on her 40th birthday, she was disappointed when we didn’t have black balloons. I told everybody, only festive colors and pastels. I had to have a totally separate party for just our family complete with black balloons and napkins, etc. I’m sure she will pull out all the stops this year.

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