momandgirl2.jpgI wish I could attach a gift for each mother who reads this post. They say, “It is the thought that counts.” Well, I do think highly mothers.

One husband put it this way in a card he sent to his wife on Mothers Day.

M is for the mink coat you want, dear,
O is for the opal ring you crave,
T is for the tiny car you’d love, sweet,
H is for the hat that makes you rave,
E is for the earrings you’d admire, love,
R is for the rug on which you’d tread;

Put them all together, they spell bankrupt, so I’m giving you this handkerchief instead.

I would love to be able to give you a handkerchief, but instead I will give you just one big thank you. THANK YOU for being a mom!


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