Busy Day, but Great Day

It seems like that past several weeks have been extremely busy. I’m always busy – sometimes to a fault. People will ask me how I’m doing and I’ll reply, “I’m doing.” I feel like I need to come up for air sometimes. Over the past couple of weeks there has been something going on every night. Yesterday was no different. I began the day by recording my radio broadcast, “The Voice of Victory.” After taking the tape to the station I returned home to pick up Bethany, Abby, and Hannah. We then went to the airport to pick up my good friend Rusty Smith who is preaching graduation for us at the Wilson Christian Academy this evening. On the way back from the airport we stopped for lunch at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market where we met up with our Primetimers (our senior citizens group). We then dropped the children off at home and picked up Caleb. Rusty, Caleb, and I were able to play golf yesterday afternoon. I very rarely play golf. I really enjoy the game, but I tell people that it takes time and costs money and I don’t have much of either. We were rushed, but we were able to get in a round. We then had to take Caleb to Driver’s Ed. He is driving this week. I then came home, changed clothes and went to a school board meeting. We had a lot to cover last night. It was a good meeting and I got home somewhere around 9:30 p.m. I spent about half an hour on the phone after the meeting counseling one of our church members before I was able to spend about another hour with Rusty. It was a busy day, but it was a great day.

Every day is different, but every day is busy. Every day can also be a great day when we understand that God is the giver of life and that “this is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Today looks like another day like yesterday: radio broadcast, awards programs at school, signing diplomas, getting ready for Sunday’s services, a funeral, and graduation. Praise the Lord that He has something for me to do today. I will spend time with Him all throughout the day. He very well may change my agenda. He often does. I will exercise myself spiritually, mentally, and physically. It looks like it is going to be another busy day, but also another great day.


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