Can God Really Save My Loved Ones?

prayer.jpgAn unknown person posted this question on the internet:

“How do I witness to my family when everytime I try to tell them what the word of God says, they say I’m being judgemental? Most of my family believe that they can serve God and live like the devil. I’ve been told by them that you serve God by feeling. If it feels right, it’s good, and Godly. If it doesn’t, it is of the devil. They say that the bible isn’t the only guidelines to follow while trying to live for God. You serve God based on what you think and how you feel about him. I try to tell them what the word says, and they say that I am judging them. I have a relative that is living with a man right now, not married, and said that God told her it was ok for her to live with him, because God is all about love. I have an aunt that insists on telling people that even if you don’t serve God, he wants to answer all your prayers and will. She says all you have to do is say your prayers before you go to bed, and the next morning, live however you want, cause you can always ask for forgiveness before you go to sleep. I’m to the point that I don’t know what to do. I want them to serve the Lord and go to heaven, but it is like everytime I am around them, they go out of their way to start an argument. They say I think I’m better because I go to church. (no one in my family goes to church) I don’t feel that I am better. It is a privelage to me to congregate with other believers to serve the Lord and worship him. How can I get across to them the truth without making them mad at me? What should I do? I want my family to go to heaven with me.”

That question could have been written by just about everyone reading this post. Most of us, almost all of us, have loved ones and family members that are lost and I believe that most of us would say they seem to be the hardest to tell about the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is nothing that would thrill our hearts more than the assurance that our loved ones are all on their way to heaven.

A great preacher of yesterday, Lyman Beecher, was asked, Doctor Beecher, you know a great deal.  Tell us, what is the greatest of all things? Now, at this time Lyman Beecher was on his deathbed and this is what he said, “The greatest of all things? It is not theology.  It is not controversy.  It is to save souls.”

That is a true statement. It ought to be in our hearts, when we think of our loved ones without the Lord Jesus Christ. Can God really save my loved ones. Absolutely! This morning we asked that question. You can listen to that sermon by clicking here or by visiting our sermons page on our church website.


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