Confronting Evolution

Last week we finished our series entitled “Can God,” with a message entitled “Can God Really Use Me?” Next week we will have a Father’s Day message. The following week we will begin a new series. I’m still praying about the Lord’s direction for the new series. Since we are between series, I prayed and asked the Lord to give direction on a topical message that would be relevant to the needs of our people. The Lord would not allow me to get away from the subject of evolution.

“What’s the big deal?” someone might ask. I believe it is a big deal – a very big deal. The question of origins hits home on several areas. What we believe about the question of how man began will determine what we believe ultimately about God and His Word. I took two messages to address the subject. During the morning we looked at Part 1 which addressed 1) The Definition of Evolution and 2) The Danger of EvolutionPart 2 during the evening addressed 3) The Deceit of Evolution and 4) The Defeat of Evolution. Both messages were unique in that we used various Scriptures and many quotes from the evolutionists themselves. You can listen to these sermons online by following the following links: Confronting Evolution Part 1 (AM) and Confronting Evolution Part 2 (PM) or you can listen to these and other sermons by visiting our sermons page on the Tabernacle Baptist Church website.


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