The Campers are Having a Blast

Yesterday was a great day here at camp. The juniors and teens are on separate sides of the camp and very rarely even see each other. After breakfast yesterday, I went to the sponsor’s prayer meeting. We shared requests for those campers in need of salvation. I then went to the junior high chapel. Following the chapel I went down to the teen game time. They have some photos of our group on the Wilds website. Joanna and I then enjoyed a cookout lunch at the lake with all of the sponsors and the administrative staff. We have enjoyed catching up with old friends while here this week. Yesterday afternoon, I took my fishing pole and walked about a mile down the trails to the shoals. I then walked back up the creek in the water all the way to camp. I caught several little fish and one rainbow trout. I slipped and fell several times over about a fifty yard stretch. I was soaked. I was thinking, “I’m going to die out here and nobody is going to know where I am.” I made it back to camp just in time to see Caleb playing basketball with a bunch of older kids and Bethany about to go on the giant swing. I can’t believe she did it. Last night Joanna and I went to the junior camp service. Brother Ed Dunlop preached on “Satan Hates You.” He addressed the subjects of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Almost every camper made a promise to never touch these things. Joanna and I then got a mocha freeze at Cool Beans, the coffee shop. We then met up with Ken and Beth Renfrow. We saw Ron DeGarde last night. We had lunch earlier in the day with Dale Cunningham. We went to the teen service last night. Brother Rich Tozour preached on “Where are You Going?” You can listen to this sermon by following this link. Several young people were saved last night. Praise the Lord!

It looks like another busy day. Keep praying for us.


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