“For Such a Time as This”

esther.jpgOn Sunday, we returned to our series entitled “The Queen and I.” This week we were in chapter 4. In God’s providence, He had chosen the people of Israel for His special people. He had mad promises that through the Jews, the world would be blessed. We know that through the Jews we have been given (1) The Scriptures – Romans 3:2, (2) The Savior – Romans 9:5, and (3) Salvation – John 4:22. God promised to preserve His chosen people. In the book of Esther though, we meet an ungodly man by the name of Haman who is set on destroying the entire Jewish race. He has issued a decree that within the year, all Jews whether men, women, or children, will be destroyed. Here we see a clash between man’s will and God’s will, man’s plans and God’s promises. In Esther chapter 4, we see Esther in the right place at the right time to make a difference. Coincidence or God’s providence? She was there “For such a time as this.” You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.


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