“What a Difference a Day Makes”

crowd.jpgYesterday morning we were in Esther 6-7. When we last saw Haman, he was puffed up with pride. He alone had been invited to a private banquet with the King and Queen. He now was invited to a second banquet. Esther didn’t reveal the reason, but she needed to wait to make her request to the king. The reason she needed to wait is God had something else planned before she dropped the hammer on Haman. God was going to honor Mordecai and Haman was going to be humiliated. Haman’s highstake game of Hangman was going to end with him building his own gallows. He didn’t realize what was going to happen – what a difference a day makes. God providentially put his hand in the glove of history and kept the king awake on that night. He called for the book of the chronicles of the kings. He read of Mordecai saving his life. It is as if God’s hand in the glove of history was keeping the king awake, that he was selecting that particular book, that he turned to that particular page. God was at work. What a difference a day makes. The story reaches its climax in Esther 6-7. You can listen to that message by clicking here: What a Difference a Day Makes or visit our sermons page.


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