Update on Patrick from My Sister

pj.jpgMy sister Julie sent out the following email. You can visit their church website for updates on Patrick. Click the right tab in the middle of the page.

Patrick had another leg scan done Friday 11/30/07. The scan showed that there has been no change since the scan done in the hospital. The blood clot in his left leg is a foot and a half long. It starts in his thigh and goes below his knee. If he is on his feet very long he will have swelling and pain. The internist and pulmonary specialist consulted with each other on Tuesday 12/3/07 and have decided to send Patrick to MUSC, which is in Charleston. I imagine this will take a week or two to set up. The doctor’s here in Anderson will send the medical records and scans to the pulmonary specialist in Charleston. Patrick has an appointment on 12/28/07 for another CT scan of his lungs which will be done here in Anderson. There is a filter that is used to “catch” blood clots that are thrown. So far they have not considered Patrick a candidate because he is “stable” and the risk of a surgical procedure has been greater than waiting to see if the clots will dissipate with the blood thinners. We are praying for complete healing for Patrick and that when they do the scan at the end of the month the blood clot will have decreased significantly. There has also been talk of the option of seeing a vascular surgeon to talk about the option of going in surgically to remove the clot in his leg. This has many risks as well because messing with a clot the size of his there is the risk that it could cause the clot to travel and go to his heart, lungs or brain. Patrick needs wisdom in how much he can do and that changes hourly, honestly sometimes by the minute. He needs to do enough to rebuild his strength and doesn’t need to stay in one position too long so he doesn’t get new clots. On the other hand because of the Achilles injury when he is on his feet he gets swelling which isn’t good for the blood flow either. As he said on Sunday this isn’t something he can just push through the pain. He needs wisdom from the Lord! The Lord is showing Himself to us daily in new and much deeper ways. Our entire family is trusting the Lord in even something as simple as putting up Christmas decorations. How much Daddy can do and when we need to be patient and wait another day for the tree. Thank you to those who have helped us in so many ways. We are truly overwhelmed with the love you have shown to all of us. Most days we don’t even know what we need and it has been wonderful for you all to just do because you felt led of the Lord. One more specific prayer request is that his levels will become more “stable” when they do the blood tests every few days. His blood was too thin when he had the test on Monday and they told us not to give him blood thinners for two days. We started back the blood thinner medicine last night and Patrick will have blood drawn on Monday morning to check the levels again. Patrick is planning on preaching this coming Sunday. Please pray as he studies and prepares and that he will have the strength and feel well on Sunday as he preaches. We have always proclaimed that God is good in ALL things! We are more convinced than ever in His goodness and His will. None of us would have chosen the road we have been on the last few months but our Saviour is showing Himself to us in such a way that we could never have seen had we not been in this valley. We have grown so much and continue to pray we will grow more into His image. We thank Him for his love and goodness to us and are truly rejoicing during this season of Advent! We love you all and appreciate you more than we could ever express to any of you!

In His grip,
Julie Miller


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