Yesterday was an Eventful Day for My Brother-In-Law

The following is an email from my Dad. It includes three emails that outline the events of the day.


Below are three e-mails.  The first two are from Dr. Dale Treash a good friend that has been very involved in Patrick’s case.  The third is from our daughter, Patrick’ s wife.

Allen & Elaine Davis

1st e-mail from Dr. Treash
patrick is in the ER at the moment.  he had some chest pain, high heart rate, and a low oxygen level this morning.  we’re awaiting the results of his chest CAT scan to see if the clot has worsened in his lungs.

he and julie are amazingly at peace.

if you were able to hear patrick’s sermon yesterday, there was this challenge:

as a member of the Kingdom of God, do you think differently than the world?  act differently?  mourn differently?  serve differently?  work differently?  etc.

as members of the Kingdom of God, they truly are going through this trial differently…God’s peace is evident.


2nd e-mail from Dr. Treash

you know, God is good even when “bad” things happen.  and we need to praise Him in the midst of “bad” news.  God truly is good.  no matter what.

but we also sometimes get to praise Him when prayer is answered as we had hoped it would.  last week, several elders gathered and prayed for patrick’s healing as instructed in james 5:14.

this morning, as a result of his chest pain a new CAT scan was done to see if the clot in his lungs (the saddle pulmonary embolus) had gotten bigger and was causing his chest pain.  the docs were amazed to find the clot completely gone!  completely gone!  let’s praise God together for His goodness…and celebrate Him!  isn’t He awesome!!!

patrick is off from the ER to have a cheeseburger.

now, obviously the clot in his leg and that will take (outside of God’s intervention) many more months to resolve…and certainly could break off and go to the lungs at any moment…and can still lead to death.  but for now we will celebrate and praise God for His goodness in this news…and pray for the faith to praise Him even in death…which would be patrick’s gain.

may the news of God’s goodness and sovereignty be on our tongues today.


“forget the box…just think

3rd e-mail from Julie

We have great news!!!  Patrick had another chest CT done today by a new machine at Anmed he was actually the FIRST patient to have it done.  Apparently it is a high power machine and gets a more detailed scan.  THE CLOT IN PATRICK’S LUNGS ARE GONE!!!!!  This is HUGE and is a miracle from the Lord for which we are truly grateful.  The doctor’s were shocked and thrilled.  This was suppose to take months to dissolve.  Some elders from Clemson Pres. and one from Patrick’s provisional session came over to pray over him last Thursday.  Two Sundays ago Patrick only spoke for 20 min and couldn’t sing because he didn’t have the breath to do so.  Yesterday he sang during the worship time, preached for 45 minutes and looked the strongest I have seen him in months!!!  God answered all of our prayers!!!  Please rejoice with us.  As far as we know he still has the large clot in his leg and we are praying that the doctor’s will be just as amazed when they take another look at his leg.  We are continuing to trust the Lord and rest in His will!!!  Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!  We love you all!



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