Improving Our Vision

For several year I have considered having laser surgery on my eyes to correct my nearsightedness. Yesterday morning Joanna and I traveled over to Raleigh, NC, about 45 minutes away to LasikPlus. I had gone for a preliminary appointment a couple of weeks ago that determined I was a good candidate for laser surgery. I had planned on having Lasik, but the surgeon said there was a danger for my eyes of complications so instead I had PRK. This surgery is also done with a laser, but it is a little more invasive and requires a little more time for healing. After the surgery which only took about five minutes per eye, I could see 20/20. I’m using four different eye drops four times a day. I’m also taking Motrim to help with inflamation. They recommend 1000 mg. of Vitamin C each day also. I was given a prescription for pain pill which I took yesterday to help me relax. Pray that the healing will take place quickly and that there will be no complications. I am scheduled for a day after appointment this morning and then on Monday I’ll go back again for the doctor to remove the contact lens bandage.


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