Final Caleb Basketball 2008

Caleb’s basketball season ended last week in a close fought contest to Raleigh Christian Academy. Caleb scored ten points in the first six minutes of the fourth quarter before fouling out. His team played well and almost squeaked out the win, but in the end RCA was too tough for the young Chargers. Follow this link for a slide show of photos from the recent game against RCA at home and then photos from the final game at Raleigh.


Another Update on Eye Surgery

eye-chart.jpgI went to the eye doctor again on Wednesday. After a forty-five minute wait I was in the examination room for only about five minutes. A nurse checked my vision and then the doctor came in an examined my eyes. He said that I am better than 20-20. I know I’m not where I am supposed to be yet though. I’m slow focusing and I’m having a little bit of difficulty seeing at night due to some of the glares. It kind of looks like lights are coming through a prism when I’m driving. I believe this is called starbursts. For some reason green lights are worse than other lights. Red, yellow, and white lights don’t cause as many problems. The doctor said that I am on schedule or maybe even ahead in the healing. Keep praying that I’ll heal quickly.

Following and Fishing Part 2

We returned to part two of our message entitled “Following and Fishing,” earlier this morning. Last week we saw after about a year of silence in Mark’s gospel, Jesus came to Galilee preaching a message of repentance. We saw Him proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of God. He was saying, “Listen to Me.” This morning, we saw that He also was saying, “Follow Me.” We see Jesus calling His first disciples. We saw haw a call to follow Jesus was also a call to fish for men. There is no distinction in the Scriptures between salvation and service. When someone is saved they will serve. When someone is following, they will fish. You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.

Caleb Basketball Slideshow

caleb_pcc_shot_3.jpgView a slideshow of pictures from Caleb’s recent trip to Pensacola Christian College by following this link. His team, the Wilson Christian Academy Chargers, finished third in the tournament of eight teams from all across the nation. Caleb had a good tournament and enjoyed the college. The varsity boys and girls teams were able to watch two PCC home games. They also had a fun day on Saturday. They went to Foley, AL, to Lamberts and enjoyed an incredible meal. They also shopped at the outlets, played on the beach, and visited the Naval Museum. It was a very tiring trip, but everyone had a blast. Thanks to Stephanie Bisset for taking these pictures.

Following and Fishing

Between verses 13 and 14 in Mark chapter one there is about a year of silence in the public ministry of Christ. John’s gospel gives us the account of what was happening during this year. Jesus’ ministry was primarily with a handful of John’s former disciples and with individuals. There was not really any public proclamation to the masses. John the Baptist was still on the scene. That all changed though in verse 14 where we read that John was put into prison. Now was the time for Jesus to step onto the scene in a public manner. The Bible says that He came preaching, literally proclaiming or heralding, the gospel of the Kingdom. He was calling out for everyone to repent. We examined this message by Jesus this past Sunday at Tabernacle Baptist Church. This was part one of a two-part message entitled “Following and Fishing.” You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.

Preparation for Service – Part 2

This past Sunday we continued our two-part message entitled “Preparation for Service.” Last week we saw how Jesus was prepared for service through first of all His obedience in the act of baptism. This week we saw His preparation through His opposition by Satan in His temptation. This is a tremendous passage which ought to be of interest to each of us because we see Jesus, the Son of God, actually tempted just like each one of us. Unlike us though, He came on on the other end victorious. We examined the temptation in detail and looked at practical steps to overcome temptation. You can listen to this message by following this link or visit our sermons page.