Good News – But Keep Praying


After the eventful morning, Dad was very tired, sore, and emotional. The doctor said that when he fell out of the bed, he was without a pulse for about 45 seconds. He came around with a nurse administering CPR. His chest is really sore from the chest compressions. They didn’t have to shock him or use the oxygen bag. His neck was also hurting. Mom’s shoulder and hip are sore from where he fell on top of her. I’m thankful that they were in the hospital and that the nurses were right there to help out in his time of distress. They were able to do the procedure which took about two hours. The doctor told us everything went well – textbook is how he said it went. When my sister Julie and her husband Patrick, my mom, and I got to the room, Dad was sitting up in bed talking. After a little bit, they gave him a sandwich to eat. The pacemaker is completely controlling the heart at this time. He is beating at 70 beats per minute. The defibrillator is ready to go if anything should happen. We are no where out of the woods yet, but we are praising the Lord that the procedure was finally done. We are praying now that he won’t have any problems with the blood thinners and that the rhythm will steady itself so that he will be able to come home soon. They know he will be there at least a couple of days of before coming home. Mom wants me to stay the first night that he is home which I plan to do. I am posting these updates on my blog site. Dad and Mom are extremely grateful for all of the expressions of concern and especially for all of the prayers. At this time they don’t need a lot of visits, just prayers. Hopefully in a couple of days it will be Dad that is sending an email.


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