Pray for My Dad, Allen Davis

I am in Greenville with my dad and my mom at Greenville Memorial Hospital. I have been sending email updates to my dad’s email list. I will just paste the three below. Pray for us.



3/8/08   9:00 p.m.

Hello Everyone,

Jeff here. I’m requesting prayer for my dad, Allen Davis. I am sending a bulk email to his entire list.  Dad is in the hospital in the CCU at Greenville Memorial. Last week they took him by ambulance after he had a couple of episodes at home. They weren’t sure what was going on at the time. They checked to see if he had had a mild stroke or a small heart attack. They did several tests and determined that his problem was that his pulse was probably dropping really low. They sent him home and scheduled an appointment with an arrhythmia specialist. They scheduled for him to have a pace maker/defibrillator put in on Monday. Yesterday he had another spell which led them back to the hospital. After admitting Dad they had to wait for several hours for a room. After finally getting settled, he had another spell which turned out to be ventricular tachycardia which is very dangerous. The last time he did this about three years ago they had to shock him back into normal rhythm. They immediately transfered him to CCU. Mom spent the night last night with him. They both got very little sleep. The nurses and doctors are wonderful though. Dad had a rough morning and was very nauseated. They have taken him off of blood thinners which also can be dangerous for him. They are giving him medicine to help with the rhythm. I believe Dad and Mom are both scared and need your prayers. I decided to let my youth pastor preach for me tomorrow and I decided to come on to Greenville. After I arrived, Dad started feeling a lot better. We had a good afternoon and early evening. I’m hoping that they will get good sleep tonight. Pray that he has a good day and a good night for the next two nights. Pray that they will be able to do this much needed procedure. The monitor said that he had a small ventricular tachycardia episode earlier today. Dad didn’t even feel it. He is being monitored closely though. They even have the paddles glued to his chest in case they need to shock him. I’ll let you know how things are going. We covet your prayers.

Jeff Davis

P.S. If you wish to send a message to dad or me you may simply reply to this email. I’ll pass the word.


3/9/08    10:00 p.m.

 Dad had a good day today. He had several visitors from the church come by. He got a little excited during the Clemson/Va Tech basketball game. The nurses actually noticed his excitement on the monitors. It is a good thing the Tigers won by 1. We are not sure if he will be able to have the pace maker/defibrillator procedure done tomorrow as scheduled. His INR (the number which reveals the thickness/thinness of the blood) is too high (or too thin). It was at 3.0 this morning and they need it to be at 2.3.  They have given him some different medicines which are slowing things down a little bit. He is frustrated with having to be in the hospital. He is still a very sick man and needs all of our prayers. Pray that they will be able to do the procedure soon. (It amazes me that everyone is calling it a procedure. It is supposed to take between two and four hours). Thanks for all of the encouraging email replies. Dad will read these and save these. Last time he was really sick, he compiled a one inch thick notebook of cards and emails. I will keep you all posted.

Jeff Davis



3/10/08   8:00 a.m.

Mom stayed with Dad again last night at the hospital. I went home to their house in Clemson to get some rest. I received a call from her at 7:30 a.m. She was fairly calm, but shaken. She was in the hall outside his room. They awoke this morning and Dad said, “Well, the Lord has given us another day.” She leaned down and kissed him and said, “I hope He gives us many more.” As she turned to fix her hair, he sat up. Apparently he was having another V-fib episode. As he sat up he leaned and fell out of the bed onto the floor. Mom tried to break his fall and they were both on the floor as the nurses came running into the room. Mom left the room and immediately called me and told me that Dad crashed again. We are so helpless. As I told one person yesterday, God knocks you on your back and the only way you can look is up. We know He is in complete control. After a couple of minutes Dad was awake and talking. He looked up at one of the new nurses and said, “Well, good morning.” The nurse replied “Good morning.” Dad said, “What a way to meet.” There were several nurses in the room. A couple of them were male nurses that were helping him get back into the bed. Mom was talking to the nurses and asking about his numbers. I had mentioned in the last email that his INR needed to be 2.2. Praise the Lord! This morning it is at 2.2 so Lord willing they will do the procedure this afternoon. It will take between two and four hours. I know most of you will be busy throughout the afternoon, but please take time to pray for Dad. When you take your meals today and pray for your food say a little prayer for Dad. This afternoon, as God brings him to your mind we would appreciate your prayers. There is power in collective intercessory prayer. To just sit and talk to Dad you would never know he is as sick as he is, but he is extremely critical. A couple of years ago when he had his problems with the gall bladder surgery, it was the blood thinners that caused the major problems that left in on a ventilator for almost a week. So when you pray, don’t just pray for the heart procedure, pray specifically for the blood thinners. The Lord was right when He said that life was in the blood. I’m sure most of you understand that truth. There is an all important spiritual implication to that statement also. Eternal life is found only in the precious blood of Christ which was spilled out for our sins when He died on the cross. Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. I hope to report good news to you in the next update.


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