Blood Pressures and Thinners

Julie went to the hospital this morning around 5:00 a.m. Mom wouldn’t go home until after the cardiologist came by later. The doctor who did the procedure also came by this morning. His blood pressure dropped to 70 over 40 again in the middle of the night. They are going to hold one of the medicines that he was taking that they thought might be causing that drop. His INR (thickness of the blood) is still too low (thick). He needs the thinners because he has an artificial aortic valve. At the same time, he is oozing around the place where they put in the pacemaker. He has a place on the left side of his chest that is about the size of a deck of cards. Most of you also realize that Dad is a type one diabetic, which always complicates thinigs.  They are going to move him down a level out of CCU so that he won’t be tied to the bed. He needs to be up and walking around. He is still in very serious shape and needs our prayers. Mom is on her way home now. I’ll be heading back to relieve Julie in just a little bit. I won’t be able to email until late tonight. I may post earlier to my blog:


One thought on “Blood Pressures and Thinners

  1. You know we are praying for you. It is long days and moments of intense stress! Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well!

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