Moved to a New Room

dad2.jpgJulie stayed with Dad until around noon. Mom went home at about 10:00 a.m. and stayed until after 6:00 p.m. I was with Dad all day. He is getting up a little bit and moving around the room, but it doesn’t take him long to exhaust himself. He sat up next to me for a while as I worked on the computer. We had a good time together. They moved him to another room which is a step down from the CCU. He had a little problem with nausea throughout the day especially after moving around. He is still hooked up to the monitors, but not confined to the bed. The doctors want him to walk some later tonight. Pray for a good night. The past two nights his blood pressure has dropped to 70 over 40. The site where they put in the pace maker looks really bad. This is due to the blood thinners. Keep praying for his blood pressure, the blood thinners to work properly and for his blood sugar to be at a proper level. He is still very serious. He is very appreciative of all of the prayers and expressions of concern. To see a running diary of our ordeal you can visit my blog:


One thought on “Moved to a New Room

  1. Thank-you for including us when sending updates. Please be assured of our continuous prayers and thoughts. The blood of Christ that was poured out on the Cross unites those that believe in Him into one family.

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