An Email from My Dad

Dear Friends & Family,It was good to be in church last night. It was good to see so many friends that have been praying for us. We had a good service.We had a very restless night. (not a lot of sleep) Please pray that the Lord would give us a good nights rest tonight.

Thank you so much for praying for us during this time. Please don’t stop now we need much more. Things are going pretty well.
No one will ever know how much we appreciate what God’s people have done in gathering together to pray.
I sit here this morning as a trophy of God’s grace once again because God’s people believed in intercessory prayer.

I thank the Lord for a good family that loves me. Jeff was planning to come for my procedure but was a bit hesitant to be away from his church responsibilities but several of the members told him he needed to be here as long at it took. A couple said “you are here for us when we need you and you should definitely be with your family at this time.” I hope all those daily updates were helpful and a reminder for prayer.
Julie is a jewel. With all her busyness with the 5 kids and home schooling to boot stayed with me at the hospital so Elaine could come home for a little rest.
There is no way in this world to convey with words the appreciation and love I have for my wife. Elaine was by my side most all the time. She and I were alone at home when I had the first episode. She helped me and then called EMS.
I can remember looking out the back window of the ambulance and seeing her driving behind us to Greenville as close as she dare.
I can remember looking over at her at night in that uncomfortable chair and see that she was watching me.
I can remember her quizzing the nurses on several occasions about the medicine they were about to give me and they would double check with the orders or even calling the doctor and she was right.
I can remember her coming over an giving me a kiss and stroking my hair.
God has been so gracious to me for giving me Elaine. She is my best friend too + + + + + + + + +
As I sit here typing this she is outside working in the yard. My job.

Thanks for praying for us while I was having heart problems. Blood pressure, blood viscosity, blood sugar. It’s all in the blood!
Also I want to thank y’all for the many e-mails and cards of encouragement.
I do not know how people go through hard times without God and His using friends as encouragement.
I have an amazing family and friends.
Keep praying for the blood pressure, the blood thinners to work properly and for my blood sugar to be at a proper level. Because of the increased medicine the blood sugars have been very high and hard to control.
I am very appreciative of all of the prayers and expressions of concern.

A lady on Jeff’s blog said “The blood of Christ that was poured out on the Cross unites those that believe in Him into one family.”
I am very tired today from yesterdays activities but hopefully we can begin to get out more so I can get my strength back.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us all.

In His loving hands,

Allen Davis
102 Sugar Maple Court
Clemson, SC 29631
(864) 654-2019


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