The Family of God

I’ve just posted the sermons for the past two weeks online. They are available through our podcast or by visiting our sermons page. Click on the links below to play them straight from your computer.

Facing Opposition – Jesus faced three sources of opposition (1) Friends, (2) Foes, and (3) Family. Jesus delivers a chilling warning to the religious leaders. We examined what is meant by the unpardonable sin.

The Family of God – One of the sources of Jesus’ frustration was His family. We examined what it means to truly be a part of the family of God.


Great Week at Camp

We are back from camp. The Lord gave us safety as we traveled.  We had a tremendous week at the Wilds Christian Camp. We took thirty teens and four adults. Three other parents came for part of the week just to see the camp. We had several decisions made during the week. There were two salvation decisions and two decisions of assurance of salvation. Several young people made decisions about dedication, reading their Bible, obeying and respecting authorities, full-time service, etc. We rejoice in what the Lord is doing at the Wilds Christian Camp. During our Sunday evening service we showed the DVD of the week at camp and several of our teens shared testimonies. Following the service the teens and parents met in the gym for a slideshow of about 300 pictures and the Junior Camp DVD. Oh, we also enjoyed pizza. Everyone can’t wait until next year.

Another Great Day

Following last night’s excellent service, the young people had a little bit of free time before the big show: “Fun Time.” The Wilds is known for their funny skits. Last night’s program didn’t disappoint as Rand Hummell “Lefty,” and Willie Partin “Willie the Kid,” battled it out for sherriff in an election centered program. Following fun time, everyone gathered out on the patio for a giant pizza party. The Wilds staff sang cowboy songs complete with violin (fiddle), several guitars, a mandolin, banjo, string bass, and a stick with bottle caps attached to it played by none other than the camp director Ken Collier. The campers were allowed to sleep in this morning and were served breakfast in bed by their counselors. Wow! How times have changed.

This morning began again with a good sponsors prayer meeting. We heard of several young people who made decisions during the service last night. Joanna and I then went to the junior camp service. It is exciting to hear young children sing with such enthusiasm and excitement. Bob Roberts is the speaker for the junior camp. He is about as good as it comes when you’re talking about evangelists for children. I had a good time talking to several of the camp workers. I enjoyed my time especially with Ken Collier, Les Ollila, Marty Von, and Sam Horn. Following lunch the campers divided into their different church groups for what the camp calls “family reunions.” We shared testimonies of what the Lord is doing in our lives. Several of the young people had something encouraging to say. Following the reunion the campers enjoyed an afternoon of free time activities.

I was able to play a little basketball and then I played softball with the sponsors and staff. Follwing the game, which my team won by two in the ninth inning, I played a little more basketball. Those activities took up the entire afternoon. We have an earlier service tonight followed by  a game of big ball volleyball. Tomorrow is our last full day. If you are reading this, say a prayer for the thirty campers we have with us this week.

Another Great Day at Camp

The teens are having a blast. Everyone is enjoying the tremendous activities at the Wilds. Some are enjoying the hikes and the waterfalls. Some are enjoying the super slide, the land trolley, the giant swing, or the new miniature golf course. I saw a few at the climbing wall. Some are having fun playing soccer and basketball. Everyone is enjoying the team competition. Tonight is fun time. The Wilds has a talented group of staff members that entertain the campers and sponsors with funny skits and songs every Wednesday evening. The service this evening is earlier followed by free time and then the fun time activities. Following fun time there is a camp wide pizza party.

Last night’s message by John Goetsch was a tremendous look back at the cross of Christ. He preached from Isaiah 53. The Cross was… (1) A Violent Suffering, (2) A Violated Sinlessness, and (3) A Voluntary Substitution. There were several decisions for salvation and dedication. Praise the Lord!

We’re At The Wilds

We brought a group of thirty-four people from Tabernacle Baptist Church to the Wilds Christian Camp in Brevard, NC. The journey from Wilson to the Wilds took us about eight hours including stops. We are glad to be at camp, but everyone was a little tired last night. We enjoyed a good meal in the dining hall. Cal Mair has been at the Wilds for over thirty years and is a tremendous cook. We then watched our teen campers play a rousing game of big ball. Joanna and I then followed our junior campers to their new athletic field for their competition. We had just enough time then to get to the evening service for the teen campers with Evangelist John Goetsch. He preached an excellent message from Psalm 139. You can’t 1) Fool God – He is omniscient, 2) Flee from God – He is omnipresent, and 3) Fight God – He is omnipotent.

Today has already been a great morning with activities all over the campsite. Pray for our young people. There are approximately 1,000 campers on the campsite.

This afternoon we have a little bit of free time. Several of the sponsors are going on a hike to the waterfalls. Joanna is following around some of our campers to the land trolley, the superslide, the giant swing, the craft shop, etc. I’m going to try to catch a few fish sometime today. I may even be able to catch a little nap after I get through studying some for next Sunday.

You can view photos from the week at later on today. They will be updating the photos throughout the week.

Speaker: Evangelist John Goetsch

Dr. John GoetschBiography: Dr. John Goetsch was born and raised on a dairy farm near Watertown, Wisconsin.  At the age of 15 he was saved at a youth camp in Northern Wisconsin. He graduated from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in 1974 and entered full time evangelism. For the next 21 years he conducted nearly 1,000 revival meetings in churches, schools, and youth camps all across the United States and into some foreign countries. Bro. Goetsch has spent much time in Scripture memorization which he uses extensively in his preaching. On July 1, 1996, he joined the full time leadership team at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California. He is currently the Executive Vice President of West Coast Baptist College where he is involved in training young people for full time ministry.

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