He Ordained Twelve

“No one understands like Jesus.” He really does understand. He knows what it is like to feel pressure. He faced pressure from the religious elite. You will recall how He had healed the paralytic and forgave his sins while in Capernaum. The pharisees had accused Him of blasphemy, a sin that was punishable by death.
Then Jesus called of all people a despised tax collector to follow Him and then of all things Jesus went to a party and ate and drank with those despicable low-life scum. That was incomprehensible for the Pharisees.
These same Pharisees questioned His not following the traditional rules about fasting. Now of course those rules weren’t outlined in the Bible. All they were were tradition, but that didn’t stop the religious leaders from murmuring. Jesus and the religious establishment were destined for a head-on collision and they clashed when it came to the understanding of the Sabbath. Jesus’ disciples picked grain when they were hungry on the Sabbath and Jesus healed a man with a withered hand. The nerve of that Guy! The Pharisees were so upset that they joined with the Herodians (their worldly enemies) and made an alliance to plot the assassination of Jesus. Not only did Jesus face pressure from his opponents, but He faced pressure from the constant crowd – a crowd that numbered in the tens of thousands. There were so many of them. They were pressing on Him to touch Him. They were looking for a miracle of healing. They were coming to see the magic. The crowd was following the crowd. Jesus was in literal physical danger. We saw how Jesus handled these pressures in yesterday’s message. You can listen to that message by following this link or view our sermons page.


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