Please Pray: Email from Missionary Sid Messer

Some of you may recall Susie’s father, a former missionary in Colombia, South America, has been battling cancer these last few years. A recent MRI indicated that all the cancer had disappeared. After several months passed, Mr. Beachell had a seizure and a stroke. Upon diagnosing him the doctors discovered a large tumor on the side of his brain. Of course, one option was to perform surgery. With such an invasive procedure, they suggested that it would be very likely that he would end up in a wheelchair half paralyzed, and even then they would not be sure that all the cancer would have been removed. After some time in prayer, Mr. Beachell decided to opt out of any more chemo or surgery and to leave it in the Lord’s hands. That was about two weeks ago.

Below I have pasted a letter we recently received from one of Susie’s sisters:

Last night (this past Friday night) Daddy was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He was having extreme pain in his head and lower back, nausea and vomiting, and had lost control of his lower extremities. The pain got worse and he became incoherent, speaking in both Spanish and English. The doctors didn’t think he would make it through the night, but he did.

Right now he is on strong pain medication and sleeping. No one has been able to communicate with him since last night when he was in so much pain. All the tests and scans that were run have shown no change since last week. We don’t know if these are his final hours or not; only God knows. Please pray, if these are his final hours with us, that he won’t suffer long; and yet, if he is to be with us longer, that God would raise him up so he can visit with friends and family up north. God has been sooo good to us already!

With the doctors believing that he may have a few days or possibly a week or two to live, we’ve just scheduled a flight for Susie and Lydia (our youngest – 5yrs old) to fly out of Ecuador early Tuesday morning arriving in Greenville, SC on Tuesday afternoon of this week. Susie is scheduled to be with her father for about two weeks before returning. We ask that you pray that the Lord would be glorified in all that is transpiring and grant wisdom for the family members during these next few days. We know that there are many prayer worriers on this prayer list and so we greatly appreciate your willingness to take these petitions to our Lord. We will keep you posted with any updates. May the Lord be honored in all that He chooses.

In Christ, Sid Messer and Family

Missionary in Ecuador

Eph 1:12


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