Please Pray: Email Update from Missionary Sid Messer

I have pasted below an email from Susie Messer’s sister:

Hello friends,

Thank you again for your continued prayers and concern for the Beachell family.  God has allowed Mr. Beachell to become quite responsive the past few days.  Last evening the family got together to sing, pray, and read Scripture with him.  He actually requested the song “Thank you Lord for Saving My Soul”.  He also quoted parts of Psalm 23 with us.  He “praised the Lord for his grace and mercy to our family during this time.”  He was able to drink some juice this morning.  If he continues as he is now and his vitals remain stable, he will be moved thur am to his daughter Neomi’s house in Greer and have hospice care.

Mr. Beachell’s wife, Isabella, who went back to the jungles of S.A. in February, was finally able to be reached yesterday. Their daughter Heidi is planning to go down to Colombia to assist Isabella to Greenville on Monday.

The youngest daughter Jenny, who is the only one still in Colombia, is expecting twins and is not doing well.  She is very swollen and yellow (probably anemic). The jungle doctor told her she may die during childbirth and possibly before.  She is due in August.  There is no real medical help down where they live.  Their son, Danny, is planning to go down to Colombia to stay with Jenny until she is able to get her passport renewed.  Then Danny and Jenny plan to fly to Pennsylvania.  Please pray for Jenny to be able to get the medical help she needs.

Only the Lord knows the future for all of us and we are trusting Him to continue to work out every detail.  The family is all doing remarkably well.  The Lord’s grace and strength are evident in their lives. Thank the Lord that Susie and her daughter Lydia made it safely to Greenville from Ecuador yesterday.   There is not really anything the family materially needs at this time.  Again, thank you so much for your prayers and love you have shown.


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