Another Great Day

Following last night’s excellent service, the young people had a little bit of free time before the big show: “Fun Time.” The Wilds is known for their funny skits. Last night’s program didn’t disappoint as Rand Hummell “Lefty,” and Willie Partin “Willie the Kid,” battled it out for sherriff in an election centered program. Following fun time, everyone gathered out on the patio for a giant pizza party. The Wilds staff sang cowboy songs complete with violin (fiddle), several guitars, a mandolin, banjo, string bass, and a stick with bottle caps attached to it played by none other than the camp director Ken Collier. The campers were allowed to sleep in this morning and were served breakfast in bed by their counselors. Wow! How times have changed.

This morning began again with a good sponsors prayer meeting. We heard of several young people who made decisions during the service last night. Joanna and I then went to the junior camp service. It is exciting to hear young children sing with such enthusiasm and excitement. Bob Roberts is the speaker for the junior camp. He is about as good as it comes when you’re talking about evangelists for children. I had a good time talking to several of the camp workers. I enjoyed my time especially with Ken Collier, Les Ollila, Marty Von, and Sam Horn. Following lunch the campers divided into their different church groups for what the camp calls “family reunions.” We shared testimonies of what the Lord is doing in our lives. Several of the young people had something encouraging to say. Following the reunion the campers enjoyed an afternoon of free time activities.

I was able to play a little basketball and then I played softball with the sponsors and staff. Follwing the game, which my team won by two in the ninth inning, I played a little more basketball. Those activities took up the entire afternoon. We have an earlier service tonight followed by  a game of big ball volleyball. Tomorrow is our last full day. If you are reading this, say a prayer for the thirty campers we have with us this week.


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