Do You Have Your Ears On?

Back in the 1970’s C.B. radios were all the rage. In the days before cell phones people enjoyed talking between vehicles while on the road using these C.B. radios. Many of you remember the C.B. These users had their own lingo, their own language. “What’s your 10-20?” “I’m at your back door.” “We have a smokey up ahead, bubble gum machine flashing.” One phrase we all heard, “do you have your ears on?” What they wanted to know was “are you listening.” If you understand that lesson then you can understand the parable of the sower. You see, the parable is not just a story about  a sower going out to sow, or seed being scattered, or the ground receiving the seed. It is a story about listening. Jesus is asking, “Do you have your ears on?” “Are you listening?” This was part one of a message on the parable of the sower – our awesome responsibility to listen. You can hear this message by following this link: Do You Have Your Ears On? or visit our sermons page.


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