“A Bad Night to Be an Atheist”

I wonder if anyone else was watching the hitting clinic that Josh Hamilton put on at last night’s MLB Homerun Derby. He hit a record twenty-eight homeruns in the first round. The excitement at Yankee Stadium was electric and you could almost feel it through the television set. To make the story even more interesting, his pitcher was a 71 year old friend who was a volunteer baseball coach who used to throw him batting practice. Hamilton followed through on a promise he made to his coach that if he ever made the Homerun Derby he would ask his friend to pitch for him. Hamilton said in an interview following the contest, “I first of all want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” He also said that all the glory goes to Jesus. The ESPN announcers were as excited as anyone else. As Hamilton hit, they told his remarkable story of rehabilitation from drug addiction. One of the announcers exclaimed, “It is a bad night to be an atheist.” You can read more about Josh Hamilton in this article “I’m Proof That Hope is Never Lost,” from ESPN the Magazine. For a recap on Hamilton’s record breaking first round view the ESPN Story here.


One thought on ““A Bad Night to Be an Atheist”

  1. We watched it live last night and we talked about his testimony and giving his Savior Jesus Christ all the glory. The interviewers did not even acknowledge his comments about Christ that we heard. Your mom told me that you had this story on your blog but I did not read it at that time.
    This afternoon I looked on several sports sites and saw films and read articles on Josh Hamilton’s accomplishments. None of the sites mentioned his testimony. Not the MLB or several other sits not even the Texas Rangers that I could see. Then I came across an article I was going to send you ‘I’ proof that hope is never lost’ ttp://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2926447.
    The e-mail was ready to send to you and I thought it might be good to look and see what you said in your article. Lo and behold there it was. It is not surprising but disappointing that his testimony was not mentioned. Did you see it on any other sites except this site? We are praying for ya’ll. Have good services tomorrow.

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