Please Pray for Our Friend Pastor Layne Daniel

Here is an update from Pastor Layne Daniel’s blog by his wife Sharon. He is literally fighting for his life right now.

I must be brief.  Layne still at UNC.  Antibody treatment and cyberknife treatment still available through Dr. Brady.  UNC doctors trying with physical and occupational therapist to help Layne gain enough strength the clear him to fly to Philadelphia to receive cyber knife therapy next week.  Still very weak and, because of the growth of the tumors, his condition is very unstable right now.  Please pray the Lord will protect him and he will become stable enough to fly.  Please also pray that the cyber knife therapy will work once again and the tumors that have begun to grow will calcify with this therapy.  Then, please pray that the anti-body therapy will once again halt any new growth.  Everything very uncertain and could literally change on an hour to hour basis.  Case in point, I came home briefly to pack more things for our extended stay at UNC and trip to Philly and to prepare Krista to stay with Joyners to begin school.  Jason called and physical therapy halted today because one of Layne’s legs was red and warm to the touch.  Test scheduled to make sure no injury or blood clot in that leg.  If leg okay, physical therapy will begin again tomorrow.  Please pray for our whole family.  Need much grace and strength.  The Lord is carrying us through this.  I am praying for a miracle and that the Lord will allow us to have Layne with us for many more months.  If this is not His will, we will need the miracle of His grace.  I know He is faithful and good.  Please pray we can daily and hourly rest in His arms!  I serve a wonderful Savior and I know we will never be alone!  No matter what, Layne and I still have forever in heaven someday.  Pray, pray, pray!  I know you will!


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